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 The journal is a necessary tool in a designer's toolbox where it is used to process thoughts and ideas, problem solve and develop designs. After creating highly structured illustrations and designs for other people for so long..

..I lost touch with my own voice and needs in creativity. It took grief to find it again.

After losing my parents, solace and healing was achieved through writing into the pain and creating art for myself. I now practice regular journaling as a form of meditation and self expression.


The journal provides a deeply personal space to process life - it's a place of vulnerability. No restrictions. No boundaries. No judgement. Here is a visual snippet into my journey of learning a new language: how to speak from my heart and soul, rather than my head. P.S. No apologies for unrefined imagery - it's purely experimental, playing in the park (and dark) kind of stuff. Raw and messy and it sure ain't pretty! I might add that learning how to stop self-judgement has been one of the hardest things to do..


As the first image shows, I'm going out on a limb, showing these raw, un-professional pages and exposing my underbelly. I'm feeling scared and vulnerable. And brave :)

Note to self: I must create a blog page dedicated to journaling in the near future. Because there is SO much to say about it!

Journaling is a recognised stress relief activity, and is acknowledged for its potential use in organisations, for both staff and clients. If you are interested in implementing art program in your workplace, or finding out more about the therapeutic benefits of journaling, self-expression and drawing, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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