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At the age of 16, it was suggested by my mother that I'd be better off going to art school rather than completing the HSC. Thus my creative career was forged. However, with a few hiccups and distractions, it took another 20 years,  four children and a penchant for red wine before I achieved a degree in graphic design. Based in Newcastle, Australia, if I'm not at the university teaching drawing to  students of the enabling programs, you can find me at one of the local cafes. After managing my own business, Speak Design, for 8 years, I took a slight detour from the industry to concentrate on teaching and doctoral study. This has brought me back full circle to where both design and teaching skills combine in a service that includes the development and facilitation of creative arts programs. 

In the face of judgement and rejection, I have included a series of personal works in Journal Art. In a non-professional context, my hope is to engage the viewer in a space of reflection and connection with the imagery. The sharing of self-expression sets this portfolio apart from others because it exposes the underbelly of a professional designer through visual musings, and a blog. Oh yes, I'm also a writer. I've specialised in corporate, promotional and digital illustration for clients both locally and interstate.

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