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URBAN SKETCHBOOK little book of sketches...lives in the bottom of my handbag, crumb-infested and wine-stained

This gallery holds a series of line drawings from around the CBD and surrounding suburbs. They are raw excerpts from a small A6 leather-bound journal; unedited, unrefined, begging for a chance to become a highly developed piece of art. Some day.

...a record of those everyday moments...the ordinary, the quirky, the invisible...

I have three different journals: one for work, one for play and one for the road. The latter is my little book of sketches. It lives in the bottom of my handbag, crumb infested and wine stained, holding a record of those everyday life moments. You know the ones - the invisible, ordinary, taken-for-granted type of scenes.


My hometown of Newcastle is a fresh source of inspiration since emerging from its history as an industrial town - once named the 'Steel City'. It now boasts a plethora of street cafes against a creative and edgy backdrop. When I'm not in the studio, this is where you'll find me - sitting in a local cafe or on the sand, watching people; observing the quirky and interesting details that appear out of the mundane. 

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