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Degas to Dali and daiquiris to dandelion tea, my true delights are dancing, dugongs and dogs.
And drawing.


I've been a graphic designer specialising in all aspects of print design and illustration for almost twenty years. During this time I found a passion for teaching, which is weird because that was the last thing I wanted to do after leaving school.  


When I was 16,  my mother gently suggested I'd be better off going to art school rather than completing the HSC. Bless you mum because from here my creative career was forged.


At the moment I'm transitioning into another role as an expressive arts facilitator. As the founder of ArtIntuit, I'm now actively involved in fostering a creative community through my innovative artshealth programs. Which stems from the belief that health and wellbeing doesn't always come from a pill bottle. It can come from nourishing our soul with joy and happiness. 


These programs are designed around the findings from my doctoral research which has been presented both nationally and internationally. It has recently appeared on the SBS Radio Viva segment The Benefits of Getting into Art. 

To say I'm diverse is an understatement.   

I'm currently delivering art courses at a community art gallery and facilitating the Drawing Memories program in a local nursing home. Just recently I have illustrated my first ever book in a serendipitous collaboration with international bestselling author, Joanne Fedler.  Which is pretty cool. You can grab one from Amazon.


Based in Newcastle, Australia, I'm available for private commission work and small business design needs. If I'm not at the university teaching drawing, you can find me drawing people at a local cafe. Or pulling weeds out of the garden. Or playing tug-of-war with Sparky.


If you want to learn more about my creative services please contact  me and say hello.

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